Ruimte voor innerlijk bewustzijn en stilte 

Practical Information

Join Arun and learn the art of moving into stillness. 

Dinsdag/Tuesday: 19.00-20.15 uur


White shirt, t-shirt or tank top. Black pants, shorts or leggings. 


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€12 Loose Class

€40 per month

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Arun Eden-Lewis
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Arun Eden-Lewis

Qigong is a moving meditation, a traditional Chinese practice that combines easy breathing patterns with simple movements to promote good health in both the body and mind.


Its gentle nature allows it to be suitable for all abilities. Qi means "energy," physical energy, mental and emotional energy, nutritional energy and the subtle life-force that powers the universe. Qigong means "energy work," and it is a way to harness and cultivate our life-force and maintain good mental, emotional and physical health.


Your Teacher

Arun is an international teacher from London now living in Bavel. He teaches throughout the Netherlands and hosts Qigong and Yoga retreats each year in Ibiza and Japan. He has been a qualified teacher since 2001 and continues his studies with Master Yue at the Tai Chi Centre in Manchester, England. Arun specialises in teaching short Qigong sequences that can be learned by heart and practiced independently by his students outside of the class. This will give you a freedom and flexibility to practice when you are on vacation, travelling for business or have other commitments that prevent you from attending a class.


What Can Qigong Do For You?

Qigong is a complete system for health and wellbeing. Each movement can be adapted to your to capabilities, your age, your level of fitness and experience. Qigong can gently mobilise and release tension from your body, develop strength and flexibility in your muscles and joints and improve your cardiovascular and immune systems. You will find your levels of concentration improve, your mind more clear and focused and your emotions in better balance.


The first sequence Arun will be teaching at Zero Point is 8 Silken Movements, or Ba Duan Jin, a beautiful set of eight exercises that date back to the golden age of Chinese culture, the Song Dynasty (1127-1279).


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