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Klankschalen Meditatie: Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Bath 

Klankschalen Meditatie: Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Bath 

Evenement Eigenschappen

Start 21 juni
Eind 21 juni
Prijs p.p. €15,-
Wij accepteren geen inschrijvingen meer

Join Liz Allan for a rejuvenating experience of deep relaxation and healing sound at Zero Point. Himalayan singing bowls are finely tuned sonic tools. Their ethereal, harmonic tones slow down brainwaves, bringing you into a profoundly relaxing waking-dream state more restful than sleep. Their vibrations travel through your body, releasing tensions and massaging the organs while re-balancing the body's often over-strained and under-functioning systems. Studies have shown that Sound Baths can regulate blood pressure, enhance sleep, improve digestion, reduce the experience of chronic pain, and produce in participants feelings of clarity, calmness and contentment.

Sound Baths are received lying down, supported by blankets and pillows, so as a 'meditation' it's very simple! 


Everyone is welcome. Please visit to book your place.


Practical information:

Date: Friday June 21

Time: 19:15pm - 20:15 

Price: €15

Room: Stilteruimte


WhatsApp: +44 (0)7912 212 875


To Book:

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