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paulina-34 Vinyasa flow & Yin yoga - Zero-point
Practical information:

Tuesday night 20.30 - 21.45, on a weekly basis

Price is 10 euro per lesson 

More information:
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You can reach me by phone on 06 8528 6521
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Paulina Skucińska

During my classes I kindly invite you to take a moment only for yourself. Finding comfort in stillness and longer holds with the Yin practice or mindful more energetic movements in gentle Vinyasa flow. Classes are suitable for various levels of flexibilty - everyone is most welcome.

What to expect in my yoga classes

My intention is to introduce the beauty of body and mind alignment, discovery of deeper layers of your unique composition. Allowing our restless mind to become more subtle by learning how to control our breath. Melt away into the silence of meditation to explore the land of inner peace.
In my classes you'll experience 2 types of yoga:
•    Gentle Vinyasa: flowing sequences to heat up the body, as well as slower paced movements focusing on alignment.
•    Yin Yoga:  more static practice, longer holds applying moderate stress to the connective tissue therefore releasing tension.

About Paulina:

I'm Paulina, namaste. I've proudly became certificated Ashtanga Vinaysa and Yin Yoga teacher in the summer of 2021. My philosophy is to keep on exploring and gaining expierience in this field. I'm constantly seeking for the most intuitive and integral way to present the magic of yoga to the students. 





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